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The Introverted Chick is a monthly subscription box celebrating the art of cancelling plans and staying home. Get a box of Solitude and Quiet Attitude shipped right to your door. Great gift for yourself or your favorite Introverted Chick. Limited quantity of debut box available. Subscribe Now…ships Dec 4th, 2018.


How It Works

Wondering how The Introverted Chick Monthly Subscription Box works? Basically, you decide to subscribe or give a gift!. Then, choose your plan: month-to-month, 3-months prepaid, or 6 months prepaid. (We ship once a month on the 4th.) Receive your box of cool stuff in the mail and enjoy your Solitude and Quiet Attitude. Subscriptions renew automatically. Cancel anytime. Everything is chosen by an Introverted Chick especially for other Introverted Chicks.

Here’s the story again but told with a cup of tea.



Don’t Overthink Any Of This.
Decide to Subscribe To Fun Sub Box.
Make A Cup Of Tea. Forget You Made It.



Receive Your New Sub Box.
Delight In Cool Contents Of Sub Box.
Find That Cup Of Tea You Had Made.



Enjoy All Of Your Solitude.
Dish Out Some Quiet Attitude.
Make Cup Of Tea & Forget It Again.

Subscriptions Automatically Renew. Cancel Anytime.
(Boxes ordered by November 30th will be shipped on December 4, 2018.)
Limited quantity of the debut box. Orders taken while supplies last.


What’s In The Box?

This sub box is curated and created by an Introverted Chick for other Introverted Chicks. Each month you’ll get at least 5-7 cool, interesting, usable items. It’s a celebration of solitude, coziness, quirkiness, and staying home. Just want other people to stfu?...I always include some Quiet Attitude for you to share with others. (Heh heh.)

Since this is a new box, current pictures shown are prototypes. The actual box contents will be a surprise. Do you hate surprises? Me too mostly. LOL! But The Introverted Chick will be a good surprise you’ll look forward to every month. Here’s what you might receive: socks, pillows, tea, stationery, mugs, jewelry, cards, coffee, books, treats, accessories, home goods, journals, magnets, headphones, bags, pens, tech tools, and MORE. You can also watch for spoilers on social media.


More Of What’s In The Box

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