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Very unexpectedly and due to issues beyond our control, we lost our lease 6 months early & have to close our online Shop.
Our offices need major repairs, and we have to move out. This major business interruption is a total bummer. We hope to be back up and running again soon. (Last full day of access to our entire catalog was March 31, 2023.)

For now, we have select items still available, including a few special Boxes/Gift Bundles. Watch for our offers, biz news, and updates on this site, via email, SMS texts, and on socila media.

Thank you for everything! I appreciate your support!

Love, Sarah Jane Alleman/Chick In Charge
Happy Birthday Introvert!

ON SALE! Celebrate your favorite Introvert on her special day! Or gift yourself on Your Day. We have exactly what you need & an extra perk...no off-key singing.

Our Happy Birthday Introvert Gift Bundle is full of bday wishes, fun, coziness, sweet surprises (good ones!) & pampering. There's even bday cake...YUM! .

A perfect gift for somebody that only wants to attend an Introvert Party of One.

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Seasonal Box of Cozy Fun

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Spring 2023 Subscription Box will not ship in April. The system has been updated, and Quarterly Subscribers will not be charged on 3/15/23.

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How many Introverts does it take to...

ONE...it takes one, & the answer is always ONE Introvert, no matter the question. Ask any Introvert ya know, and they'll tell ya the same thing. But don't talk to them if they're reading or have their earbuds in or...better yet, just take my word for it.

The Introverted Chick specializes in the Homebody Lifestyle.
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