Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

What is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?
Ummmm...Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Introverted Chick. (Whew! Fixed it! And also 42.)

What can I expect to receive in the Good Surprise Gift Bundle Box? I’m not big on surprises.
I’m not a fan of surprises either. It’s probably an Introvert thing. But you can expect to receive 8-10 cool, interesting items you can use. You’ll receive fun gifts, home goods, jewelry, treats, tech tools, accessories, stationery supplies, and MORE! This might be socks, tea, magnets, jewelry, cards, pens, kitchen supplies, home dechereor, and other stuff. I also add exclusive items designed by me, Sarah, especially for The Introverted Chick. If you have an item or brand you’d love to see featured in a future box, message me here

I do work diligently to provide an awesome unboxing experience for you. The value of the Gift Bundle will always exceed the subtotal price of the bundle. I work with companies, vendors, and small businesses to get the best rates and wholesale prices on all your goodies. If an item is sponsored, that will be revealed as such. (If your company would like to fully or partially sponsor an item, message me here.)

Want to see more? Click here for unboxing videos of past curated boxes or do a web search or check out my social media. (That link is to my old but still active web site. Full redesign is coming soon on this platform.) 

When will I get my Good Surprise Gift Bundle?
Your Good Surprise Bundle Box that you pre-purchased is planned to be shipped mid- April but definitely by 4/30/22. Thank you for being an early adopter, as this first box will be a kind of pre-beta-test. The plan is to have the Box’s pre-purchase period from 3/16/22 – 3/23/22 at a discounted price than the premium price it will list at once the E-Store officially opens. After the Pre-Purchase option, the web site will be “hibernated” while magic happens behind the scenes to transform the web site on a different platform. Once ready, the new site will be launched as a full, robust E-Store with extended content. You can expect a Blog, Community Resources, Special Offers, and More. You will receive a notice once your Box is shipped. Please allow at least five (5) business days for shipping in the United States. International orders please allow longer since it can take up to 30 days for delivery. Currently, we are only shipping to North America.

Where has The Introverted Chick been since March 2020? And what are you doing now in 2022?
Like everybody else in the world, I was blindsided by the pandemic as it hit in early 2020. There were so many unknowns about the novel coronavirus at the time. Many factors converged to cause a full shutdown of the business. My lease was up on my offices in April 2020, and another 12-month lease did not seem feasible. Supply chain issues made my type of subscription box pretty impossible. And I, like many of you, was in a mandated statewide shutdown that was set for weeks but lasted months. Additionally, my husband and my son were thought to be high risk if they contracted the virus. I made the difficult decision to close down The Introverted Chick and issue refunds to subscribers. The feelings to close down were difficult, but the reasons behind it were easy. The idea that I could possible ship anybody a “Box ‘O Virus” was terrifying. OMG! And I needed to be available for my little family in case of worst-case scenarios. Everything about the pandemic was terrifying, and IT IS ALL STILL TERRIFYING BECAUSE WE’RE STILL IN AN ACTIVE PANDEMIC. But I wanted to be home. Those first outings back then are a blur. I don’t remember much of that first spring and summer of the pandemic, and I have trouble recalling some things before the pandemic too. The collective trauma, fears, and horror all come back in flashes. We are all different people now. You’ll find differences in The Introverted Chick business too because we have to adapt.

So, what am I doing now in 2022? Well, for almost two years, I believed the business was done, over, finished…gone. I was still posting to all the social media account to stay in touch. I thought about going back to school. I thought about giving up being my own boss and getting a job…yikes! Everything has been so topsy-turvy. Then in mid-December 2021, I decided to check with a previous landlord to see if he had any space to rent. I rented 650 square feet of awesome office space and got the keys in February. I was either going to have a quiet space to work on my resume or relaunch The Introverted Chick. My brain decided I was going to revision the business and make it as pandemic-proof as possible. That means that the subscription box could not part of the plan, but a robust E-Store is happening (and I have more fun stuff coming later too). Operating a business during the time of COVID also means that a lot of flexibility and fluidity are necessary. We’ll continue to evolve as we can and be understanding that everything can change, and it probably will. I'm super excited to be back in business and re-connecting with all y’all.

Okay, your business has Introverted Chick in its name, but what about the Introverted Dudes?
Yes, it's true that a lot of items are geared to Introverted women, but Introverted Dudes will find cool stuff in the E-Store when it launches later this spring. A Gift Bundle for Introverted Men will likely find its way into the shop too.

I make something cool that I think Introverted Chicks would like. How do I get added to the E-Store or featured in a Gift Bundle?
Yay! I love to see cool, little gift items. I can’t wait to hear about your business! And if you work for a company that sells cool, little gift items or you want to sponsor/supply an item for The Introverted Chick box, you can message me too. Click here for Vendor Info.

I don’t like something I got in the Gift Bundle. Who do I complain to and where all can I post on the Internet about how much you suck?
I’m sorry the person to whom you have asked this question has stepped away from her device to weep over all of the personal rejection she knowingly set herself up for on a regular and recurring basis by starting this business. (Le sob. Le sigh.) As much as I do hope you will love the entire contents of each gift bundle, I know that might not happen. But I do hope that you will love most of what you receive. For the less-loved stuff, please pass the item on to somebody that WILL love it. The warm fuzzy you get when you give the gift and the warm fuzzy your friend gets they get the gift...well, that’s just built into this being human

And I joked about personal rejection, but I am open to feedback on items you dislike, love, or anything else here in The Introverted Chick realm and purview. But before you post all over the Internet about how much I suck, please do contact me tell me directly and give me an opportunity to improve your experience. By letting me know, we can then possibly improve everybody’s experience. Thank you! After you’ve told me directly, THEN you can go post all over the Internet in infinite places about how much I suck. (heh heh)

Why do you charge for shipping? I would rather have free shipping.
I love “free” shipping too. It’s great. And we have been somewhat...uhhh...primed for free shipping in this era of e-commerce. Unfortunately, free shipping is never, ever really free. Somebody pays for it, and usually it’s done in the form of a price hike on the items or bundle. Or a business is big enough to absorb shipping costs because they make it up elsewhere. Sorry to burst your “free shipping” bubble. Postage will vary across zones based on distance and/or size/weight of the items…and then there’s international shipping rates. (Currently, The Introverted Chick only ships in the United States and Canada.) And everything can be raised by the carrier at any time due to demand/scarcity, specialized delivery systems, increases in the cost of doing business (like higher gas prices), and other market fluctuations. You are receiving the absolute best shipping rate available for the best carrier option at the time postage is figured.

Do I have to pay taxes?
Ummm...yes. That’s one of the two things that are certain. But if you mean do you have to pay sales tax on the subscription box, that will be determined in the shopping cart and automatically calculated. Kentucky residents will at least have to pay state sales tax because The Introverted Chick is based in Kentucky.

Why do you capitalize the “i” in Introverted?
This capitalization thing was a decision I made when I started The Introverted Chick social media accounts in April 2016. I could make up a story that the capital “l” stands for the Individualism and Independence seen in Introverts. That it is a way for them to see ownership in their personality type. It sounds good. Maybe that is what my brain was doing. That theory loses steam though when you find out I capitalize Extrovert and Ambivert. It really was just a personal preference and decision made that became part of my writing style when writing about Introversion. I’m sure it will make a copy editor twitchy someday when I write my book. LOL! (How do you like that foreshadowing? heh heh)