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 Happy Introverted Chicks


Brooke P.

I am stupid in love with my Introverted Chick box! A friend gifted my sub right before my baby was due, and as a nursing mom my life got a little more solitude than I’d planned in. The small snacks and treats have been lifesavers, and I love the affirmative low key theme of each box. Ice Cream AntiSocial made me lmao and I’m still using My Spoon. It’s been a great gift to Mom at a time when I wasn’t getting much pampering, and each bright home good makes me smile. Great stuff I probably wouldn’t treat myself to. Can’t wait for June!

Danielle S.

This is my first Introverted Chick box and my first CrateJoy box and I absolutely loved it! Every single product was very high quality and perfect for an introvert such as myself.

Andrea H.

I have finally found my tribe! After searching for a subscription box that really speaks to me I have finally found the one! Everything was not only super cool but useful and beautifully wrapped and presented in such happy colors! Every item was not only useful but things I have wanted but never got for myself its a total self care box for body and soul and the items were fantastic quality and honestly unique. The frozen ice cream bowl was just epic! I can't wait till next months box!!!!!!

Mandy B.

So unique!! The unboxing was unlike any other experience I have ever had.