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 Solitude Shipped Right To Your Doorstep

The Introverted Chick is a Top Subscription Box for the Homebody Lifestyle.
It celebrates canceling plans, staying home, avoiding people, and loving solitude. Each lifestyle box includes cool, interesting, usable items sure to make Introverted Women and Homebodies smile. Get yourself a monthly treat that contains surprises (good ones!), new and favorite brands, and is fun to unbox.


What’s In The Box?

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Each month you’ll get at least 8-10 cool, interesting, usable items. It’s a celebration of solitude, coziness, quirkiness, and staying home.

Each month the actual box contents will be a surprise. But rest assured the contents are carefully curated by an Introverted Chick for other Introverted Chicks and wrapped carefully for a fun experience. You’ll see brands you know and new companies too. Here’s some of what you might receive:

  • fashionable accessories

  • cozy home goods

  • yummy treats

  • fun books

  • nice kitchenware

  • statement jewelry

  • top tech tools

  • cool stationary

  • MORE!

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How It Works



 Decide to subscribe or give a gift. Month-to-Month or Prepaid Plans.


Anticipate your sub box’s arrival.
Receive your box and open it!


Delight in cool contents of box. Enjoy the solitude shipped to you.


Subscriptions Automatically Renew. Cancel Anytime.
Boxes ordered by the end of the month will ship by the 5th day of the next month.

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