Everything You Wanted to Know

What is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?

Ummmm...Everything You Wanted to Know about The Introverted Chick Monthly Subscription Box. (Whew! Fixed it! And also 42.)

What can I expect to receive in the monthly subscription box? I’m not big on surprises.

I’m not a fan of surprises either. It’s probably an Introvert thing. But you can expect to receive 5-7 cool, interesting items you can use. You’ll receive fun gifts, home goods, jewelry, treats, tech tools, accessories, stationery supplies, and MORE! This might be socks, tea, magnets, jewelry, cards, pens, kitchen supplies, home decor, and other stuff. I do work diligently to provide an awesome unboxing experience for you. Boxes and items currently shown on this site are prototypes and give good ideas of what you might get.

If you have an item you’d love to see in The Introverted Chick box, message me here.

When will I get my subscription box?

The boxes ordered by November 30, 2018 will be shipped on December 4, 2018. After that, the boxes ordered by the last day of the month will be shipped between the 4th-6th of the following month. Please allow at least five(5) business days for shipping. International orders please allow longer.

Can I try the box before I subscribe?

No and Yes. When you sign up, the default is an automatic renewal cycle matching your initial subscription purchase (either monthly, 3-months, 6-months). In order to “try before you subscribe”, the best way to do this is to GIFT the box to yourself. (Or save money by giving huge hints to those friends and family members that love you and buy you presents. Win—Win!) But on a GIFT subscription, there is a non-renewing option. So a GIFT purchase is how you’d try check out this sub box experience before falling in love with it and subscribing to it for the rest of your life. (Hey! I met my husband on a blind date though, and we’ve been married for 26+ years. Ya never know!) And don’t forget that you can use the GIFT option to actually give a GIFT to your favorite Introverted Chick.

Why does my monthly subscription box automatically renew? What date does that happen

It is a subscription service, which is built right into the name...monthly s-u-b-s-c-r-i-p-t-i-o-n box. Remember magazines? Well, they do still exist, and magazines are a subscription that is delivered to you on a regular basis, usually monthly. Just think of The Introverted Chick monthly subscription box as kinda like a magazine, but it’s a box and it’s full of fun, cool, interesting, usable items. The boxes ship between the 4th-6th of the month. There will be time for you to receive the box before it renews on the 11th. But if you wish to cancel your subscription, you must unsubscribe before the box renews. You will receive an email reminder about all of this.

How do I cancel?

Cancel? Already? I haven’t even sent out the first box yet!!! 

That said...to cancel, at anytime, you would log into your Subscriber Account and change your status there. I do hope if there is an issue with your service or other concerns that you will please contact me directly and let me know because maybe there is something I can do to help. Thanks! 

I make something cool that I think Introverted Chicks would like. How do I get featured in The Introverted Chick monthly subscription box?

Yay! I love to see cool, little gift items. I can’t wait to hear about your business! And if you work for a company that sells cool, little gift items, you can message me too. Click here for Vendor Info.

I don’t like something I got in the box. Who do I complain to and where all can I post on the Internet about how much you suck? 

I’m sorry the person to whom you have asked this question has stepped away from her device to weep over all of the personal rejection she knowingly set herself up for on a regular and recurring basis by starting a monthly subscription box. (Le sob. Le sigh.)

As much as I do hope you will love the entire contents of each sub box, I know that might not happen. But I do hope that you will love most of what you receive. For the less-loved stuff, I include a small gift bag in each box to make it easy for you to pass the item on to somebody that WILL love it. The warm fuzzy you get when you give the gift and the warm fuzzy your friend gets they get the gift...well, that’s just built into this being human

And I joked about personal rejection, but I am open to feedback on items you dislike, love, or anything else here in The Introverted Chick realm and purview. But before you post all over the Internet about how much I suck, please do contact me tell me directly and give me an opportunity to improve your experience. By letting me know, we can then possibly improve everybody’s experience. Thank you! After you’ve told me directly, THEN you can go post all over the Internet in infinite places about how much I suck. (heh heh)

Why do you charge for shipping? I would rather have free shipping.

I love “free” shipping too. It’s great. And we have been somewhat...uhhh...primed for free shipping in this era of e-commerce. Unfortunately, free shipping is never, ever really free. Somebody pays for it, and usually it’s done in the form of a price hike on the items (sorry to burst your “free shipping” bubble). Or a business is big enough to absorb shipping costs because they make it up elsewhere. The Introverted Chick is just me, Sarah…a one woman show. I could have added shipping onto the cost of the sub box and just raised the price, but I decided to give a boring economics lesson in my FAQ section instead. I’m sure you’re thrilled.

If you really want to know all about the complications of shipping in e-commerce, start a monthly subscription box business and spend weeks finding out all that goes into shipping it. Then have somebody immediately ask you why you are charging for shipping. But long story short, shipping rates vary across zones based on distance and/or size/weight of the items…and then there’s international shipping rates.  Everything can be raised by the carrier at anytime due to demand/scarcity, specialized delivery systems, increases in the cost of doing business (like higher gas prices), and other market fluctuations. (Spoiler Alert: postal/shipping rates are already set to be raised 12% by the USPS next year. I don’t plan to pass that rate increase on to you.) Also know that the flat rate of domestic shipping charged on The Introverted Chick box does not cover the entire average cost, so you do get part of your shipping for “free”, but that’s only because I pay it—not really free. And for international subscribers, the only way I could offer worldwide delivery is to add shipping costs. 

Do I have to pay taxes?

Ummm...yes. That’s one of the two things that are certain. But if you mean do you have to pay sales tax on the subscription box, that will be determined in the shopping cart and automatically calculated. Kentucky residents will at least have to pay state sales tax because The Introverted Chick is based in Kentucky.

Overall, state tax laws for online sales got potentially complicated earlier this year with the Supreme Court ruling in SOUTH DAKOTA v. WAYFAIR, INC., et al. Rather than bore you with another lesson in this question (see the boring economics lesson in the previous question), I will just say that this is one to watch. The implications of this ruling are a bit concerning for all small e-commerce businesses. Hopefully, there will be some definite clarifications on how this will all work and if all states will begin collecting taxes on all sales transactions. For consumers, this would just mean a bump in their shopping cart totals, but businesses will be blamed for raising their prices (ugh). For small e-commerce businesses, this will mean filing state sales taxes in all 50 states (omg!), which would be a logistical, accounting nightmare (omg!) and likely mean less small makers and entrepreneurs could stay in the marketplace. Uh oh. I’m giving another boring economics lesson again, aren’t I? But remember when I said previously that “free” shipping could be absorbed by bigger businesses. Same here with sales taxes. The accounting nightmare is just a few more employees to a big company. To a small one person shop, it could mean they have to close their business because there would be no way to effectively do that much paperwork on your own and also a decrease in earnings if customers balk at any point of the process. 

I’ll definitely monitor this sales tax thing and make updates on the FAQs as needed. It will also for sure make national news.

Okay, this subscription box is for Introverted Chicks, but what about the Introverted Dudes? 

I am so glad YOU asked this, and that it clearly was not a contrived question just to be able to say that The Introverted Dude quarterly subscription box is in the works. Nor is this just a way to tell you that I will be working with the Introverted Men in my life to make sure their monthly subscription box is curated and created especially to appeal to the XY crowd. There will be some overlap in the sub box contents too because I refuse to use pens for women. I don’t have an available date yet, but if you want details on The Introverted Dude quarterly subscription box as they become available, sign up here

Why do you capitalize the “i” in Introverted?

This capitalization thing was a decision I made when I started The Introverted Chick social media accounts in April 2016. I could make up a story that the capital “l” stands for the Individualism and Independence seen in Introverts. That it is a way for them to see ownership in their personality type. It sounds good. Maybe that is what my brain was doing. That theory loses steam though when you find out I capitalize Extrovert and Ambivert. It really was just a personal preference and decision made that became part of my writing style when writing about Introversion. I’m sure it will make a copy editor twitchy someday when I write my book. LOL! (How do you like that foreshadowing? heh heh)

You can message me here if you still have questions (or want another boring economics lesson…yes, I’m a nerd!). I will update the FAQs as necessary. Thank you!