THANK YOU for Shopping Small

Thank You for shopping small. It helps us all get big returns.

As a small biz owner, THANK YOU for shopping small today & every day. You can’t get smaller than one employee. 😊 I appreciate your support & the inspiration Y’all give me to keep going.

It has NOT been easy getting re-launched. I was in biz for over 2 yrs & then the pandemic shut me down for 2 yrs. Relaunching has been weird because it feels like the biz is old when it’s basically brand new again. Whilst re-starting The Introverted Chick, this went wrong. Then that went wrong. Another thing went awry. Plus, something else happened & another thing & another & another. And that's just the business part of things. There's been stuff in my personal life too. But I’m still here doing it for Y’all. On the daily, I'm just trying my best to do my best.

Right now I’m running a NIfty Gifty Holiday Sale with over 500 items half off (97% of my store!), & everything else discounted too. It’s a huge, obvious sale. (ahem) But I’m doing it without yelling BUY THIS COOL STUFF I PICKED OUT FOR YOU SO CAN KEEP MY BUSINESS! (I think this still counts as me not yelling that even thought it's in all caps. Ha ha.)

Retail is effin’ scary right now, Y’all. I’ve said that if what I’m doing is viable then it will be here & will be okay. That’s true. And it’s untrue. So many other factors go into a business finding success. And also as an Introvert, I don’t always feel like doing all the things I know I need to do. My background is Marketing, which just makes me feel guilty when I know but don't do. But hopefully, I end up doing enough of the right things & at the right times to keep it all going. And I have supports in place & programs I’m using (I’ll talk about those at some point), & I’m always learning.

The other thing in my favor is that I’ve got the coolest, sweetest, & kindest Cozy Community of Introverts.  It helps make the rough seas calmer.

The other thing in my favor is that I’ve got the coolest, sweetest, & kindest Cozy Community of Introverts. It helps make the rough seas calmer. But so much is still outta my control. And if nothing else since 2020, we have learned that anything can come from anywhere at anytime & trip you up.

I love what I do & have much more planned for Y’all in 2023 & beyond. I’m gonna make it work…somehow. This is just me saying the quiet part out loud. I mean, when the big corps started their holiday sales back in early October, that's a big sign for what the small businesses are facing. And whatever the numbers you hear about the BIG $ALE$ weekend, there's still a lot of fear out here. Just sayin'.

Running a biz is hard. Period. Full stop. When you pick the little gal/guy over the big corp, you can make somebody’s day, week, month…their year.

THANK YOU! Love Y’all! Now, go buy my stuff! I picked it out to be your stuff anyway! LOL! 



Sarah Jane Alleman
Chick In Charge
The Introverted Chick



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P.P.S. The "Shop Small" image is a DIY Banner kit by Attic Journals that I carry in my online boutique. These banners are just perfect gifts for kids, teachers, bibliophiles, & anybody really. They're easy to assemble. Eco-friendly. Re-usable. Every single one of them is 100% adorable too.  


Sarah Jane Alleman is the Chick In Charge at The Introverted Chick, an online Boutique and cozy Community created especially for VIPs—Very Introverted Persons. Sarah is a professional Introvert (an INTJ) and a total homebody. Her goal only goal with her business is to make Introverts smile.



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