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A Blog Is Born

A Blog Is Born

And with a few clicks on a keyboard, a Blog is born. This Blog. The Introverted Chick Blog. Hello. How are you? I am fine.

I’m Sarah Jane Alleman, and I’m the Chick In Charge at The Introverted Chick.  This company exists to make Introverted Women smile. That’s it. No complicated mission statements. No lofty goals. Just one make you smile. Do we do more than that? Heck, yes! But THE GOAL is to make you smile. 

Why such a simple goal? Why not so simple? Life’s hard and being an Introverted Chick can be challenging at times. Who can’t use more smiles? Do we want to change the world too? Sure…but first, more smiles for us all.



A Blog for Introverts discussing introversion, personality types, lifehacks, connections, career, shopping, and the Homebody Lifestyle.