Surviving The Holidaze Of The Holidays


Tips For Surviving The Holidaze Of The Holidays

‘Tis the season to gather with family, friends, and co-workers over and over and over again until you are completely sick of them. While socializing can be taxing for Introverts anytime, this time of year typically has a high concentration of parties, get-togethers, and events. Even if you want to go out and are having lots of fun during your people-ing, it can still be stressful to have to be ON the whole time.

Here are some tips for Introverts (or anyone!) to help survive the daze that can come with the holidays.

1. Be a Calendar Girl or Guy. Go ahead and block out some “Me Time” now before anybody even starts making plans with you. That way you can say “I already have plans that night.” And you do…with yourself! Introverts NEED alone time. This is a good tip to use all year long. 

2. Get to Know No. Introverts may feel pressure to attend every party or function they are invited to over the holidays. After all, it's just once a year and you don't socialize that much he rest of the year, But be kind to yourself and only attend the events you truly enjoy. The word “No” is a complete sentence. Use it as such. Don’t do things don’t wanna do. Don't hesitate to say no if you are feeling overwhelmed. Yes…just say NO!

3. Have Happy in YOUR Holidays. What's your favorite holiday tradition? Cranking xmas carols & singing along in your car? Hot chocolate with extra marshmallows? Watching animated holiday classics? Taking a drive to look at lights? Figure out some things that make YOU happy, and then make sure you do those things. And if doing nothing makes you happy then taking that break from everything totally counts as doing something no matter what anybody else says!

4. Pandemic Pandemonium. While many act as if it's over, the pandemic is still burning strong. Staying safe this holiday season could mean that you get to see the next one. Tell friends & family that you'd love to gather with them, but staying apart still may be a good idea. Do take precautions and test to be sure you're not asymptomatic but contagious. Never feel guilty about taking care of your health (physical AND mental) because it helps take care of everybody's health. Stay healthy, Y'all. 

5. Super Secret Silent Self Signals. Find a way to signal to yourself that you can take a break whenever you need one. Try setting a timer on your phone to do a check-in with yourself every half hour or every 15 minutes if you're in a big crowd. When your phone vibrates, if you do need to rest and reboot, you can act like you just got an important call that you need to answer. Step into a quiet room and Enjoy The Silence. 

6. Treat Yourself. Whatever your idea of a treat is, indulge in self-treating to get through this season. I'm that friend that will always tell you to buy the shoes or dress or earrings or journal or whatever it is that you want. You deserve it! (Speaking of...if retail therapy is your treat, check out The Introverted Chick's online boutique for sales & specials, especially during the holidays. We're happy to help you treat yourself!) Or maybe you love reading, taking walks in nature, or listening to calm music. Whatever brings you joy and helps you relax, make sure you make time for it during this busy season.

7. Video Phone Home. I abhor FaceTime, and I have it deactivated on my iPhone. But at the holidays, a video call might get you out of a full visit…especially if you live far away and don’t want to travel. When you hang up after the video chat…TA-DAH!…you’re still at home.

8. Water, Water Everywhere. Introverts, stay hydrated! For one thing, it’s healthy for you. And secondly, the more you drink water, the more you’ll have to pee. The more you have to pee, the more you can excuse yourself and find some peace and quiet all alone in the bathroom. Win...Win!

9. Stick to Your Routine. Another way Introverts can take care of themselves during the holidays is by sticking to their routine as much as possible. This can be difficult with all the parties and events that take place during the season, but try to stick to your usual schedule as much as you can. If you normally go to bed at 10pm, don't stay out until midnight just because there's a holiday party going on. And if you normally take a yoga class on Tuesday evenings, don't skip it just because you have plans with friends. Sticking to your routine will help you stay grounded and avoid feeling overwhelmed by the holiday chaos.

10. Get Enough Zzzz's. Finally, one of the best things introverts can do for themselves during the holidays is to make sure they're getting enough sleep. With all the hustle and bustle of the season, it's easy to let your sleep schedule fall by the wayside. Especially if your entire household stays up later, and you rely on the quiet of the night for much needed alone time. But getting enough rest is crucial for maintaining your energy levels and avoiding burnout. So be sure to get to bed at a reasonable hour and aim for seven to eight hours of sleep each night.

So there are some tips to ensure your holidays stay happy? Do you have any others to add? Just comment below. 



Sarah Jane Alleman
Chick In Charge
The Introverted Chick



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